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118. Käännösoikeus - Translation rights

En tiedä, mitä hyötyä tämän blogin kirjoituksistani on, mutta:
Tämän blogin (siis myös myöhäisemmät tekstit kuin tämä käännösoikeus) saa moraalisesti ok tavalla kääntää muille kielille,
jos haluaa. Siinä yhteydessä saa kääntää myös tähän blogiin linkitetyt tekstit.

Lue blogi, mieluiten järjestyksessä, tai ainakin aika paljon siitä ja kukin teksti kokonaisuudessaan ennen kääntämistä. Anna jonkun muun, terveen, kääntää vaivat, joihin sinulla itselläsi on taipumusta.

* * *
One can translate this blog morally to other languages.
I hope that you will let someone else translate those illnesses to which you yourself have an inclination.
There is no experience backing these ideas. The Tervola family had a reputation of being skilled in curing, each in one's own way, but that wisdom was diffcult to communicate. "Terve" means "healthy". I was told as a kid that if I would write down my view after I have taken the name Tervola, as my view on curing gets built, then one would have a road to that wisdom about curing that living with the name "healthy" brings, and so people could learn that valuable skill. But this far it is only a wish.

19.7.2017   It is told a tale of so skilled Finnish doctor that all got cured in a minute or so just from seeing him, whatever their illness or wound. I do not know who that doctor was, but the Tervola family member often were the best doctors or nurses of some area, for example of a town or a larger area, and this view of mine here gives an idea of how so high healing skills can exist. These impressions of mine are cure attempts without medicine or other treatment. The headlines in "Hakemisto" and "Sisällysluettelo" give a rough idea of each cure attempt.
(In 1990's in Hlesinki were I lived, once two young women came to the same dressing room in a sports hobby - I liked sports, anture, healthy ways of living and read poetry and New Age books from the town library, mainly Buddhism - and they said that they came there because the previous young women had got cured from some illness that they had had, just by seeing me, and I haven't noticed a thing, and so these said that they too had gotten cured in some minutes changing clothes in women's dressing room. I thought that it must have been healthy ways of living: they had something lacking in skills from healthy ways of living and I was good at healthy ways of living. But such hasn't happebed to me later, at least none said anything of the kind. Healthy ways of living need the support of the environment's wisdom of life and the health of their wayd´s of living, not good to associate with the ill a lot.)

* * *
These translation rights apply to both this whole blog and it's continuation in another blog .

Viimeisin blogimerkintä on A260. Molemmat blogit saa kääntää kokonaan muille kielille, kunhan tekee sen moraalin kannalta ok tavalla.

2. maaliskuuta 2016
Samoin, viimeisin blogimerkintä on A313.

30. heinäkuuta 2016
Samoin, viimeisin blogimerkintä A353.

4. maaliskuuta 2017
Viimeisin blogimerkintä on nyt B465. Kaikki kolme blogia saa kääntää kokonaan muille kielille, kunhan toimii siinä moraalisesti.

11. kesäkuuta 2017
Samoin. Viimeisin blogimerkintä on nyt B500.

31. July 2017 I translated some headers and few texts of this blog to English at
 (I cahnged the address 3.8.2017, this is the new one)
I also found a computer translation that seemed to produce somehow understandable text:

 21. September 2017   A little bit ovat 1,5 months since I translated some of this blog to English and consewquently lost touch with how to make these advices.

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